abo 怀孕 涨奶 调教,乡村住宿遇到老太

Business area

  • Human precaution

    Send security personnel to enter the site for guard, guard, and patrol services

  • Smart Security

    Using scientific and technological means, big data technology, research and development of new security equipment

  • Scenario application

    Formulate optimized and reasonable solutions according to the needs of the scenario

  • Security training

    Cultivate high-quality, highly-skilled professional security personnel

To blame

Efficient and win-win


Zhongguancun Hei Technology, AI Parking AI Contribute to Solving Parking Difficulties in the Capital

In recent years, with the rapid development of cities, the problems of excessive parking demand and insufficient supply of parking facilities have become increasingly prominent. Parking disorder and management have become difficult to hinder the healthy development of cities ...

2019 Ping An Construction (comprehensive governance work) assessment and evaluation work conference held in Beijing

The 2019 Ping An Construction (comprehensive governance work) assessment and evaluation work meeting was held in Beijing on the 24th. At the meeting, Chen Yixin, secretary general of the Central Political and Legal Commission, emphasized that the evaluation of safe construction is to promote China ...

The former president of the Japanese semiconductor giant serves as an executive of Ziguang Group to assist in mass production of DRAM

According to Kyodo News, the former head of the Japanese semiconductor giant Elpida, Sakamoto Yukio, was appointed senior vice president of Chinese chipmaker Ziguang Group in November this year. Ziguang will ...

Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City: Proofing for Smart City Construction

We are not only exploring a city development model that suits us, but we also hope to take a new model of urban development that can be demonstrated, replicated and promoted, so that our development experience can be used to ...