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The former president of the Japanese semiconductor giant serves as an executive of Ziguang Group to assist in mass production of DRAM

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According to Kyodo News, the former head of the Japanese semiconductor giant Elpida, Yukio Sakamoto, was appointed senior vice president of Chinese chipmaker Ziguang Group in November this year. Ziguang will establish a Japanese design center in the future, with Sakamoto in charge of the front-line command. According to Japanese media reports, in the context of the intensification of the "high-tech cold war" between China and the United States, Sakamoto's move to purple light surprised the industry. Taiwan media also shouted "shocked".
With regard to the reason for becoming the senior vice president of Ziguang Group, Sakamoto said in an interview with Kyodo News: "I do not want to end my life as a loser. I want to end it myself."
Yukio Sakamoto once headed Elpida, a company specializing in dynamic random access memory (DRAM). However, due to the financial crisis in 2008, Elpida lost money for years and eventually went bankrupt in 2012. In July 2013, Elpida was acquired by Micron Technology of the United States for a total of $ 2 billion.

Ziguang Group has been committed to the development of flash memory. In July this year, it announced its entry into DRAM for computers and other devices. Sakamoto Sakamoto, who once headed Elpida, stood out from the crowd and was appointed senior vice president and Japan branch on November 5. Company CEO.
As for Sakamoto's role as Ziguang Group's senior vice president and CEO of the Japanese branch, Taiwan media used the word "shock" to express surprise, and revealed that it was Zijiang's Yangtze River Storage Technology Co., Ltd. that contributed to Sakamoto's senior vice president The chairman is Gao Qiquan, who is from Taiwan. In the latest exclusive interview with Japan Diamond Weekly, Sakamoto Yukio also confirmed that he took over this post only after Gao Qiquan's two invitations this spring and early September. Sakamoto Yukio also revealed that Ziguang Group's goal is to mass-produce DRAM within five years, and his job is to help him achieve his goal.
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