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2019 Ping An Construction (comprehensive governance work) assessment and evaluation work conference held in Beijing

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The 2019 Ping An Construction (comprehensive governance work) assessment and evaluation work meeting was held in Beijing on the 24th. At the meeting, Chen Yixin, secretary general of the Central Political and Legal Commission, emphasized that the evaluation of safe construction is an important engine to promote "rule of China" and an important yardstick for measuring the level of social governance. It is necessary to deepen the understanding of evaluation work, give full play to the evaluation guidance, incentive, promotion, and evaluation functions, and promote the construction of a higher level of safe China.
Chen Yixin pointed out that the evaluation of safety construction is a "vane" for perfecting the system, a "supercharger" for overcoming difficulties, a "booster" for starting a new bureau, and a "voting device" for the people. Since the start of Ping An Construction Evaluation in 2003, it has gone through 16 spring and autumn periods. The key to maintaining strong vitality lies in keeping pace with the times and continuously innovating and developing. It is necessary to implement new ideas, implement the requirements of the Party Central Committee to solve the prominent problems of formalism, and reduce the burden on the grassroots, appropriately streamline the combined evaluation indicators, focus on accumulating local conditions and design evaluation indicators from daily work, and guide local governments to focus their efforts In daily life, we should form a guide for seeking truth, being pragmatic, and working hard. To implement the new content, we must not only coordinate the advancement of safety construction, but also make great efforts to implement the contents of anti-terrorism and anti-secession, comprehensively deepen reforms in the field of politics and law, and act with integrity. It is necessary to use new methods and correctly use the grading method to ensure that the examinations are scientific and convincing, and to promote "advance and advance, advanced and more advanced."
Chen Yixin emphasized that in-depth construction of safety and implementation of responsibilities is a "bull nose". It is necessary to make good use of this "sharp sword" to improve and improve the responsibility system with unified powers and responsibilities, related interests, and clear rewards and penalties. It is necessary to consolidate the main responsibility, comprehensively evaluate the effectiveness of party committees and governments in various places in grasping the safety of construction, further consolidate the major political responsibility of party committees and governments at all levels to promote development and keep one side safe, and truly put safety construction on the important agenda and truly work in daily work. To implement the requirements. To consolidate the lead responsibilities, each lead unit should play a leading role in overall leadership and overall coordination, work with relevant units to develop and improve scoring rules, decompose and implement work tasks, and steadily advance evaluation. To compress participation responsibilities, all participating units should strengthen cooperation with the lead units, coordinate and advance the evaluation and the central work of the unit, and ensure that the evaluation work is carried out smoothly. It is necessary to adhere to the effect orientation, strengthen the use of evaluation results, guide the relevant departments in various places to check the facts, make practical moves, and seek practical results, and truly resolve all kinds of contradictory risks at the grassroots level and in the bud state. It is necessary to strengthen the joint efforts of evaluation, integrate the evaluation indicators, and form a complete evaluation index system that is complete in content, focused, and integrated. It combines the annual key work to reflect the principle of what the party ’s central government deploys annually and the key evaluations; integrates the evaluation information resources to ensure Examination of fine, accurate, real.
Wang Hongxiang, deputy secretary general of the Central Political and Legal Commission, chaired the meeting. At the meeting, responsible comrades of the Supreme People's Court, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Transport, the General Administration of Customs and the General Administration of Market Supervision made speeches.

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