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Zhongguancun black technology, AI parking AI contribute to the capital to solve parking difficulties

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In recent years, with the rapid development of cities, the problems of excessive parking demand and insufficient supply of parking facilities have become increasingly prominent. Parking disorder and management have become difficult diseases that hinder the healthy development of cities. The pain points of parking management are mainly manifested in large resource gaps, low level of intelligence, asymmetric information, low berth turnover rate and low traffic efficiency; secondly, disorderly parking subcontracting leads to mismanagement of charges and poor management of private parking spaces. Failure to maximize utility. In order to solve the parking disorder, Beijing has gradually implemented road parking reforms in batches since the beginning of 2019 to implement electronic toll collection.

Behind the promotion of electronic parking services is the reform of Beijing's road parking system and a technological innovation. That is, installing electronic toll collection equipment for on-street parking spaces, using the most advanced AI high-level video technology, to realize intelligent collection of parking information and electronic toll collection, to achieve unified standards, technologies and platforms for on-street parking, and to obtain on-street parking order. Improvement and road traffic conditions have been improved.

The high-tech company AIpark from Zhongguancun uses artificial intelligence technology to pioneer a high-level video parking management model. After more than three years of mature large-scale landing practice, it has been successfully applied to roadside parking management in Beijing's 17th district. AIpark (AI PARK) high-level video technology and its equipment "AIpark Sky Eye" covers 16 districts and counties and economic and technological development zones, serving Beijing's roadside parking reform, becoming a benchmark and standard for roadside parking management, and smart parking is moving into New Era.

In order to solve the problem of payment-level application of image recognition in ultra-large-scale city-level projects, the "AIpark Tianyan" high-level video image recognition system uses multi-lens fusion technology. The system integrates multiple lenses and aggregates multiple algorithms. Based on multiple deep learning algorithms, Strengthen system engineering design, achieve system-level integrated intelligence, with extremely high system stability, comprehensive recognition rate and system automation rate. The “AIpark Tianyan” image recognition system also has good robustness and anti-interference ability, even in extreme weather, it can still resist interference, ensure high-accuracy parking event judgment and license plate recognition, and withstand ultra-large-scale city-level applications. Test. At present, “AIpark Tianyan” high-level video equipment can be installed by multiplexing existing light poles, which can adapt to various “tricky” perspectives and scenes, reducing management costs without affecting the urban appearance.

Driven by the reform of road parking, Beijing's road parking charges are more open and transparent, basically eliminating “black tolls” and random charging. Reports of parking charge price complaints have dropped by nearly 40% compared to the same period last year; meanwhile, electronic toll collection can be complicated The collection of scenes, all-weather, and complete evidence chains has realized the city's unified platform and unified App payment, bringing more convenient and efficient parking services for parking people.

As an innovative company growing up in "China's Silicon Valley", AIpark prefers to work on the "street parking" scenario, which is the most technically difficult in the field of smart parking. Based on the perspective of city managers, it will integrate its own business with the needs of the government Deep integration. When simply increasing the supply of parking spaces cannot fundamentally solve the problem of difficult parking, or even blind increase may cause more traffic congestion, the space left for parking management turnover becomes more and more limited. AIpark uses the "AI black technology" "Improve the intelligent, refined and data-based management of on-street parking, deepen the research and development of product core technologies, and become an innovator leading the strong development of China's static transportation industry and promoting the integration of science and technology. With smart technology for smart cities to build new infrastructure and important livelihood projects, make urban life better!
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